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Why Taking on a Sewing Project Is All the Rage During the Pandemic

Clothing is constantly in demand for you and your family. A sewing project is a fun and safe way to keep yourself occupied. Click to learn more.

When the COVID-19 pandemic made its way to the United States, everyone was looking for a new hobby that they could occupy themselves with indoors. Some people took up baking, many people elected to take up gardening, and some took up sewing.

We all returned to the simpler times of affordable, mindful, and productive hobbies that brought us away from the distractions of the internet. Have you baked several loaves of bread already? Already learned to weave baskets and grow the perfect herb garden? 

Why not start a sewing project as your next safe, indoor activity? 

Sewing is calming, productive, good for your fine motor skills, and an overall great way to make something new while having fun. Are you ready to get started?

Keep reading to learn all about why you should be starting a sewing project this season, and how you can get started.

Almost Anyone Can Sew

You don't need any kind of practical or professional training in order to sew. People have been sewing for as long as we've had clothing, and it used to be considered a necessary skill for women.

Now people of all genders sew and it's never been easier. When you're first starting out, it's easy to learn a few basic hand stitches with some scrap fabric and thread just to get an idea of how the process works.

Then, once you learn how to manage a sewing machine or read patterns, your world opens up. You don't even need to read patterns when you're a beginner, the pattern-free sewing kits that we offer are more than enough to turn anyone into an at-home seamstress.

You don't need to designate a whole room for sewing. You can take small sewing projects out on the town or leave them at home for your evening activity. 
Whether you want to sew alone or teach any children in your household, sewing is accessible, affordable, and fun. 

In a time where many hobbies have been rendered unsafe, sewing has never been safer. Even if you choose not to go out into the world to buy your fabrics, you can order everything you need online to get yourself started.

It's a safe and quiet way to occupy your time.

It's Easy to Clean up

Did you start your quarantine by baking a lot of bread? We've been there. The worst thing about baking is how messy it can be. 

Why not take a break from the mess with a sewing kit? You may have a few loose threads here and there, but your mess is contained to the area in which you're sitting and it can be managed with a vacuum and a broom.

 You Get New Clothes and Items (For Yourself or Gifting) 

What's better than a hobby that gives back?

When you're sewing, you're not just learning and entertaining yourself. You're making things that you can use in the future. Whether you're making things like skirts and dresses or you've started with totes, masks, or pouches, these are all things that you can keep and use as you see fit. 

While you're keeping your hands occupied, you're also making useful objects that don't disappear when the pandemic is over. Do you or your children need new clothes? No need to go out and get them; you can make them custom from home. 

It's a Practical Skill

The best thing about sewing is that it's practical. You learn it and it never goes away or stops being useful. 

Many hobbies that people are picking up over the year are things that are fun, but not as useful for your day-to-day life. 

Many people are painting, learning new games, embroidering, and so on. 
While these things are fun and valuable, sewing is a skill that you take with you. There won't be a time where you won't benefit from being able to make clothes from scraps of fabric, or where you won't need to be able to hem the bottoms of skirts or fix ripped seams.

It's also mindful. While it's easy to be worried about the world right now, the mindfulness that comes inherent with working with your hands to craft something new and delicate can soothe you. 

How to Start Sewing

So now that you know the why, what about the how? Starting a sewing project, even if you're brand new, isn't hard. 

You can start with a pattern-free sewing kit regardless of whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional. This means that you won't need to fuss with patterns just yet, and you'll have clearly designated swathes of fabric so you know how things are supposed to be put together. 

You're going to need a sewing machine or the determination and dexterity to hand-sew an entire project. 

If you're not using a pre-made kit, or you're learning the basics first, you're going to need some cut fabric and spools of thread from a craft store.  When you're a beginner, don't worry about getting anything too fancy. You may also benefit from a pattern pack with a simple design, like a circle skirt. 

When you're practicing, make sure that you learn a few basic stitches and try them out on scrap fabric first. Getting the hang of it takes time, but once you do, you'll be moving through your stitches without a second thought. 

What's Your Next Sewing Project?

Have you been thinking about starting a sewing project during the pandemic? You're not alone; many people are returning to practical indoor hobbies!

You don't need to be an expert seamstress to get started on your sewing journey. You can start making tops, skirts, and dresses with just a sewing machine and a patient attitude today.

Visit our site to see our beautiful array of do-it-yourself clothing projects. You'll never be prouder to show off a new outfit. 

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