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Are Threadymade Kits Easy Enough For Beginners + Kids? 

Yes! All of our easy sewing projects are beginner-friendly. In fact, that was a big part of what inspired us to start Threadymade – to give beginner sewists the ability to make something designer-quality, but quick and easy. With this in mind, we've also been extra vigilant when it comes to breaking everything down. Rob Younkers, our resident sewing professor (really, he's taught at Parsons), makes easy-to-follow video tutorials for all of our sewing projects. You can find them on our Youtube channel. And, yes, all of our kits are kid-friendly! Some of our first testers of the kits were 11, and they definitely approved! For those who prefer old-fashioned step-by-step written instructions, we also include a printed quick-start guide in all of our easy to sew project boxes. And, we're still small enough that Rob or someone else on our team can answer any questions – we love questions! DM us or email at, and we'd be happy to help! 

Are Threadymade Kits Interesting Enough for Expert Sewists? 

Yes! Our project boxes are made for everyone to enjoy — whether you've just bought a new machine, are dusting off an old one, or sew regularly — the feedback we've gotten from experts has been unanimously positive. Our most advanced sewers tend to think of Threadymade like the ultimate fun hackable project — they can be creative (change the style, add pockets, different waistbands, etc.), and not have to run to the store. 

Why are the Shirred Kits Not Sized? 

Threadymade Shirred panels are prepared and cut with grain. The shirring is then applied to the cross-grain (selvedge to selvedge), so your garment has a proper drape.

If you have ever purchased pre-shirred fabric from a store, you will notice the shirring is parallel to the selvage. This is done so that it's easy to purchase by the inch or yard; however, this leaves you with a garment cut on the wrong grain. 

All of our kits come with 2 shirred panels from selvedge to selvedge with an approximate elastic shirring ratio of 2:1. Narrow fabric kits include 2 elastic shirred panels finishing approx. 21-22" wide x 43 long and will fit up to a 50" bust. Wide fabric kits will include 2 elastic shirred panels finishing approx. 28-30" wide x 43" long and fit up to a 65" bust. 

What Value Do I get with a Kit and How Do You Price It? 

Each Threadymade Dress Kit  you purchase requires us to use over 4 yds of fabric (fabric cost alone is about $13.00 per yd times 4 plus yds equals over $52.00 per kit just in fabric). We pre-cut all of the parts and pre-shirr and prepare panels and straps, so you don't have to do ANY pattern cutting. We also sew + turn all of the spaghetti straps, and we make everything in NYC from deadstock, discontinued, or upcycled fabrics.In our wonderful box you have many extra surprises—pin cushion, straight pins, safety pins, chalk, special ruler, seam ripper, etc .So you can see that this is truly an exceptional value. We promise you will be blown away & remember each kit is custom made just for you

Can I Make More Than One Dress from One Shirred Dress Kit? 

Yes! It's really up to you how much fabric you use. We recommend using your bust measurement to determine how much material you'll need and if you'll have room for a matching mommy-and-me- dress or top or want to make your bestie (human, canine, feline) something to match. Or a fun accessory. All of our kits come with extra fabric intended for you to have creative fun with. 

What is the Difference Between a Kid Kit and an Adult Kit? 

For styles we offer specifically in kids sizing — our shirred kits — the Elastic Shrring is 11 rows wide with a finished length of 39" for kids and 14 rows wide with a finished length of 43" for adults. We also welcome custom orders, so if you see anything and wish it was available in different kids sizing, send us a message! We write back! 

How Often Do You Release New Styles? 

Because we only use deadstock, discontinued, or upcycled materials, we are less focused on a traditional calendar and more focused on what's available and cute! We try and make all of our styles as seasonless as possible —i.e., our dresses + top kits are great styled under blazers and over turtle necks for fall seasons, and our skirt kits are all great when paired with fall/winter-friendly accessories like tights, sweaters, and boots. 

Can I Buy Fabric Without Buying a Kit? 

Yes! We just launched a "Buy the Yard" section to our website where we offering fabrics on their own. We also have a robust offering of fabrics on our Etsy shop. 

I love Shirring but would like to see other styles. Can I send you ideas?

Yes! We would LOVE to hear from you!

If I See a Fabric I like – Can you make a kit?

Yes! Shoot us a note with the style you are interested in. 

I am very Tall -Can I have a Project made for me?

Yes, we can add rows of shirring to the torso and length to the dress if needed.

Just shoot us a note. Same applies to our pleated skirt projects. 

All your Dresses are Long – Do you have a short Dress kit?

Our dresses have adjustable bubble hems, follow the instructions for converting a Mazi Dress into a Mini!

Is the Skirt Panel Already Pleated in my Kit?

Yes! Threadymade Skirt Kits come with pre-pleated panelsWe even include tiny mini pleated & sewn skirt pieces to help guide you through the proper sewing process. 

Isn't it Hard to Hem a Pleated Skirt?

The Sunburst Pleated Waist Seam and Hem are processed with our Laser Finished Fast Edge (which eliminates fraying) –– No additional finishing is required!

My Style is Polished - is there a fixed waistband included in the skirt kits?

The Sunburst Pleat Skirt comes with three waistband options for you to choose from. 

Why does my Skirt Panel come with the Exposed Elastic Attached?

The exposed elastic is a high-quality satin elastic {retail cost over $10.00 per yard}that is not easy to set with a home machine, so, we attach it for you using a specially designed attachment that feeds the fabric under the needle properly using a Chainstitch Machine attachment designed by us for this purpose. The exposed elastic waistband is designed to be removed if you prefer a tunnel elastic or fixed waistband

I am very tall. Can I request a longer length?

Yes! Shoot us an Email Or Leave a note in your order!