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Make Your Own Garment: What to Look for in the Best Sewing Kit

Make Your Own Garment: What to Look for in the Best Sewing Kit

Make Your Own Garment: What to Look for in the Best Sewing Kit

When you think of a sewing kit, you think of a bag with needles, bobbins, and thread. Think again! This *NEW* sewing kit will help you make your own garment.

Sewing isn’t only a fulfilling hobby, but it’s a sustainable one, too. The fast fashion industry accounts for 10% of the whole world’s carbon emissions. Not to alarm you, but this is greater than international flights and maritime shipping combined. 

This is one of the major reasons why many take up sewing. Sewing is also a great way to unleash your creativity at the same time. 

It might overwhelm you, though, if you’re a beginner. If that’s the case, get a sewing kit. Learn what it is and how to choose the best sewing kit below. 

What Are Sewing Kits?

When you hear of sewing kits, your mind might wander to a box full of needles, threads, scissors, pins, and so on. If so, you have the right idea. 

However, a sewing kit may also refer to a kit that consists of fabric, the needed tools for this project, and a pattern. There’s already an end goal laid out for you, so all you have to do is follow the instructions. 

These project kits can range from clothes to stuffed toys to accessories. There should be a picture of what you can expect the result to be. If you want to try your hand at sewing, this is a good start. 

How to Choose the Best Sewing Kits

With all the sewing kits out there, how do you know which one to buy? First, make sure it has the following:

1. Good Fabric

Like we’ve said above, the fabric already comes with the kit. As such, you don’t have a say in what you’re going to be working with. 

The fabric should match the price you’re paying for the kit. You can look at the pictures to see how it looks and feels. 

Look for good types of fabric, especially when you’re doing a project involving clothes. Remember you’d be wearing it, so make sure you like the fabric. 

The kind of fabric should also match your skill level. Some types are hard to work with, like heavy denim, while others are great for beginners. The description should give you the name of the fabric, so you can go from there. 

2. Correct Sizing

This is important because you must have enough fabric. If you wear larger clothes, then you must confirm the size before buying. 

Most kits would give you extra fabric, but it shouldn’t be enough for a bigger size. Check the product description to see what sizes are available. Remember that the sizes can be different among different brands, so check the measurements, as well. 

When you look at our product description, we also provide the size the model is wearing. This is a handy reference, so look for this kind of information when browsing. 

3. Essential Tools

Sewing kits should have everything you’ll need for that specific project. This means it should have the needed threads with the right color, buttons if needed, and essential tools. 

These tools would vary depending on the project. At the least, these include needles, pins, a tape measure, tailor’s chalk, pin cushion, and so on. 

However, don’t expect the kit to have everything.

4. Requirements

See the product description for what you’ll need to have in your home to complete the project. Scissors are a given, as kits wouldn’t typically involve these. 

You might also need a sewing machine, depending on the pattern. 

In many cases, you can do the pattern by hand. Still, you must have enough knowledge about hand sewing to do this. 

Lastly, you’ll need a lot of patience to complete the project. Don’t worry, we’ll always give a helping hand whenever you’re stuck!

5. Instructions

Of course, the sewing kit must come with easy-to-follow instructions, as well. This is especially important for beginners, who might not yet know the basic techniques and terms in sewing. 

Even those with experience in sewing should expect a guide on each kit. The purpose of the kits, after all, is to make sewing a little easier. It’s up to you whether you want to try something else, but at the least, the guide will be there for reference. 

The sewing kit may come with a pattern or not. What’s important is that it’s clear what the end product should be. 

Having a pattern included is great for beginners. They would already have everything laid out for them; all they’ll need to do is get working. 

When things get too complicated, a video will help. At ThreadyMade, our kits have instructional videos you can watch on YouTube. Refer to these videos if you get confused at some point; these should guide you through all the steps. 

6. A New Challenge

There are lots of sewing kits out there perfect for beginners. If you’re only starting, you should be looking at these instead. Starting at a more complicated project might suck the fun out of learning. 

Sewing is all about practice; the more you do it, the better you’ll be at doing the same technique, and the more prepared you’ll be for a more complicated one. 

At some point, though, you have to increase the difficulty to improve your sewing skills. 

When choosing your next sewing kit, see if you want to challenge yourself further. Consider the challenge to spice things up and keep things interesting. 

7. Good Reviews

It’s always a good idea to read reviews before committing to a sewing kit. Don’t worry, it’s a common habit. Around 94% of consumers read reviews first. 

You can start by looking at the product rating and reviews of the product you’re looking at. 

You can also find sewing kit reviews on blogs and social media. See what brands they recommend and what they like about them. 

If your preferences align with them, then give those a try.  

Choose the Best Sewing Kit for You Today

In the end, what you choose should be the one you’re happy with. There’s nothing more exciting than sewing a piece of fabric on your own and working hard for the outcome. 

Ready to take on a new project? Find the best sewing kit for you today on our website. Check out what’s new and find your newest project.

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