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Rose Side Pleat Madison Skirt

A classic tea-length pleated skirt style we’ve made for countless runway designers with 2 on-trend waist band style options. We’re extra generous with fabric on this style to give you the most wiggle room with fit + customization.

  • Materials + Featured Photo
  • What You'll Get
  • What You'll Need
  • Laser Fast Finishing
  • SIzing
  • Video Tutorials
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    • 100% Polyester Rodes Print
    • Upcycled Fabric
    • Featured Skirt is sewn with the Tunnel Elastic Waistband
    • Featured Model is 5’9” wearing a Skirt made using Kit & Fit 1
    • Professionally Pleated Pre-Hemmed Skirt Panel with Removable Exposed Elastic Waist Band Attached
    • Pre-Merrowed Tunnel Waist Band
    • Special Elastic for Tunnel Waist Band
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Extra fabric to play with Make a bag, Matching Mask. Whatever feels You!
    • Sewing Machine
    • A Drop of Patience
    • The Side Pleated Waist Seam is processed with our Laser Finished Fast Edge (which eliminates fraying) ––no additional finishing required!
  • The Side Pleat Madison Skirt Kit is available in 6 Fits for maximum flexibility.

    • Fit 1 | 23”-27” waist | 32" long
    • Fit 2 | 28”-31” waist | 32” long
    • Fit 3 | 32”-35” waist | 32” long
    • Fit 4 | 36”-39” waist | 34.5” long
    • Fit 5 | 40”-43” waist | 34.5” long
    • Fit 6 | 44”-46” waist | 34.5” long

    Not seeing your size? Have an idea for something custom? Email us, we email back:  

  • Free Domestic Shipping

    Please note that all THREADYMADE Kits are made-to-order, so please allow approx. 7-10 days for your custom-made pleated kit.  We’ll keep you in the loop with order updates + shipping confirmation.  

    Full Returns & Money Back Guarantee

    We’re new to you and you’re new to us. That’s why, even though each kit is custom, we’re still allowing full returns so you can feel stress-free when you order your Threadymade Kit. We 🖤 questions. If you have any concerns or need help when you receive our kit, simply email and if you’d prefer a phone call or email and we’ll get you taken care of.

    Sew what have you got to loose?