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For the Love of Folds! Ideas to Style Your Pleated Skirt

For the Love of Folds! Ideas to Style Your Pleated Skirt

For the Love of Folds! Ideas to Style Your Pleated Skirt

Pleats offer movement and, depending on the fabric, extra shine to your skirt. Here are tips on how to wear a pleated skirt and ideas to enhance your outfit.

Do you have a pleated skirt but leave it sitting in your closet because you don’t know what to wear with it?

You came to the right place. This article will pair your pleated skirt with staples in your closet and will enhance your sense of fashion. No more wondering “Hmm, how to wear a pleated skirt?”

Read on to find perfectly subtle, sweet ways to wear your pleats. Your skirt will be delighted to be worn and you’ll be delighted with your new bold style.

Keep It Simple With a Cami

Camisoles are simple and sweet with the power to build. Their simplicity allows you to layer multiple pieces while complementing your pleated skirt. 

Wearing a camisole as the top of your pleated skirt will show off your skirt and will offer a minimalistic look to your ensemble. You can never go wrong with a cami, especially since it can be worn as an outfit or as a blank canvas. Starting with a camisole will inspire you to either wear it alone with your pleated skirt or to build more on top.

Wear a Bodysuit With Your Pleats

Bodysuits are also a trendy layer in style today. Wearing a bodysuit alone with your skirt or paired with a cardigan or jacket will add a simplistic look to your ensemble. Bodysuits pair with pleated skirts easily and effectively, allowing you to adjust your skirt anywhere you’d like on your waist. 

Plus, bodysuits are a great comfort as you’re covered and there’s no chance of your top going anywhere. Pairing a pleated skirt and bodysuit together is the perfect outfit, made and ready to go.

Dress up in Heels

Your pleated skirt can be dressed up or down, but for that special night out, your skirt is begging to be paired with those heels in your closet. 

A pair of chunky heels, stilettos, Mary-Janes, or open-toed strappy heels will accessorize your pleated skirt beautifully. Since your pleated skirt is so versatile, it's the perfect contender for that fun night out. Wearing heels with your skirt will show off its range and unique style while making a statement. No matter the fabric, your pleated skirt style will pair seamlessly with those heels in your closet.

With a Button-up Top

Is there a simple button-up shirt hanging in your closet that you only bought for that one occasion? Pair it with your pleats! Patterned or solid, a button-up will look trendy either tucked in or tied at the waist. 

Wearing a button-up top with your pleated skirt will create a simple, classy outfit that will never go out of style.

Some Leather

Another great thing about your skirt is that it complements all fabrics, including leather. Wearing a leather jacket with your pleated skirt will shake the look up a bit and add some trend to your closet. Short or long, wearing a leather jacket with your skirt will add flair to your skirt.

Perfect for any day or occasion, a leather jacket combined with your pleated skirt will give you that fresh feeling of fashion.

Or Denim

As with a leather jacket, a denim jacket will also pair sweetly with your pleated skirt. Wearing a denim jacket is trendy and simple, eluding to the fashion of the 80s in modern times. Never out of style, pairing a waist-length denim jacket with your pleated skirt will give a vibe of timeless energy and laid-back fashion. 

Denim is classic and will pair with your pleats any day of the week.

Too Cold Outside? Wear All Your Boot Styles

A great thing about winter fashion is that you don't have to stop wearing your skirts. You have an opportunity to wear your skirts even more. With all those boots sitting in your closet, pair them with your pleated skirt. 

Knee-high leather boots with your skirt will give you a classy vibe, short booties will give you a feeling of fun, and midi combat boots will give an edge to your sweet style. Boots vary from style to style, but will never clash with your pleated skirt. Versatility is everything, and pairing your skirt with various boots will give you endless outfits.

Bundle up in a Sweater

Pairing your pleated skirt has never been so easy--just pull a cute sweater out of your closet and either tuck it in or wear it loose! A sweet, comfortable style is not hard to achieve. When it’s chilly out, a sweater is a perfect top to wear alone or underneath a coat. Wearing a sweater with your pleated skirt is a classic way to stay warm while showing off your Wine Crushed Velvet Paris Skirt.

Cropped Shirts to Fit Every Occasion

Short-cropped tees are all the rage today. You can find these anywhere or even make your own. With your pleated skirt being high-waisted or at your hips, a cropped shirt will show off the design of your skirt perfectly. 

A short shirt paired with your pleats is that perfect mix between stylish and simple.

Graphic Tees to Show Personality

Do you have graphic tees that show your interests and favorite bands? These tees are the perfect, carefree look with your pleated skirt. While repping your interests, you can also rep style with graphic tees and pleats. 

A graphic tee is a great way to show others your favorite things while keeping it simple and stylish.

How To Wear a Pleated Skirt Confidently

Still wondering how to wear a pleated skirt perfectly? Just add a sprinkle of confidence! You have all the perfect items to wear your pleats with, all you have to do is wear them with your head held high. 

Pleated skirts are chic, made for you, and suit every style. Don’t worry about making a pleated skirt look perfect, they’ll do that themselves. Just pair your pleats with some heels or denim and watch the outfit come together.

If you found inspiration in our guide on how to style a pleated skirt, check out our full collection of pleated skirts today.

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