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Shirred Blouse with Puff Sleeve in Petite Blue Floral + Rainbow - XS/S

- Fits 2/4

-Shirred Bodice with Rainbow Stitching 

- Puff Sleeve (can be worn on or off the shoulder) 

- Petite Ruffle at Bottom 

- 100% Cotton 

 The best blouse. People will ask you where you got it. You'll tell them you got it an online sample sale that sells cute + easy upcycled DIY sewing projects with everything you need inside. Then they'll message us and ask for this kit. And then we'll say "sorry" that fabric is sold out! Ok maybe that's not exactly what will happen, but, we don't have tons of this fabric left (some) get your sample (and your kits) while you can! Pairs great with denim, whites, or khakis!